ConXhub For You

Whether for simply adding your work numbers to your mobile phone, or completely replacing your companies telephone switchboard sytem, ConXhub technology gives you the ideal solution for your needs.

ConXhub works on any phone, giving you the power to make and receive calls and messages from any phone number.

Take control of your life with our patented Non-VoIP multi-number and PBX switchboard solution.

Average number of call minutes we manage daily

Global quantity of numbers under management

Number of phone systems supplied to clients
We believe in making great communication tools

The way we challenge the norm is by pushing technological boundaries to produce beautifully designed products that are functional, simple to use and available for all.

ConXhub is a highly unique piece of mobile patented technology, which some would suggest is years ahead of its time.

Whilst many companies are considering moving from fixed office based phone systems to cloud based ConXhub allows them to skip and jump straight to mobile based phone systems.

Utilsing the very best in latest technology, ConXhub carries many millions of minutes of call traffic, manage tens of thousands of phone numbers and thousands of bespoke client Phone Systems.

One Mobile - Multiple Telephone Numbers
  • “Multiple” telephone numbers – all in one place
  • Add new telephone numbers in seconds
  • Make and receive calls from any phone number
  • Ditch the extra mobile phone
  • Call from any phone number, where ever you are

Create Offices Anywhere
  • Create Virtual Offices in any country or city around the world
  • Have calls diverted to your Personal Mobile – and call out as if in that city!
  • Boost sales with a “Local” presence
  • Create multiple Office telephone numbers at the press of a button

Use Your Personal Mobile - But Keep Your Privacy
  •  Keep your Personal number – PRIVATE
  • Use your own mobile – but call from any number
  • Make and receive calls from any pre–set Telephone Number
  • Call as though from anywhere; local, regional, international
  • The perfect BYOD solution

Segment Your Life With Multiple Numbers
  • Use new Telephone Numbers for different parts of your life
  • Segment work and personal life with various numbers
  • Create unlimited unique “Profiles” with different numbers
  • Make and receive calls from any pre-set Telephone number
…BUT all on one Mobile Phone

Just some of what you can do with ConXhub:

Ditch the extra mobile

Carry more than one phone? Ditch it!
Utilise unlimited Telephone Numbers all on one mobile phone.

1 Phone - Multiple Numbers

Carry one mobile, but have multiple Telephone Numbers all available on your personal mobile phone.

Instant Local Offices

Create offices in any location in an instant, all via your mobile phone. Make and receive calls from anywhere and be local to your friends, family or customers.

Create a Private Number

Don’t hand out your Personal Phone Number! Use additional numbers for different parts of your life & keep your personal number private.

Gain Privacy & Work Life Balance

Seperate your Business & Personal lives with individual phone numbers – selling online, work, social…